Nicolò Vignatavan – Biography

Nicolò Vignatavan, full name Nicolò Vigna Tavan (Piacenza, 1 december 1991). Applied mathematical sciences professor, public official, football teacher, engineer, storyteller.

From father, Luigi, an army general from Turin, and mother, Danila, a school principal from Milan, his maternal grandmother was from Paris and the grandmother of his paternal grandmother was from Kaliningrad. After “Scheme and/or Verb” and “Technical-forensic statements” in 2015, “Political-historical posts” and “Vignatavan soccer module”, to mention some of his works, in 2018 he wrote and composed “Vignatavan attraverso la storia europea, un’ora di lezione“. The composition, written in rhymes (free verses, hendecasyllables and septenaries), in Dantean italian and Eliotan-Shakespearean english language, with some verses in french and spanish, combines mathematics, history and poetry and is divided into five Acts: in each Act the protagonist goes through a different age of human history, in particular of the European one, describing its characteristics and meeting the famous people of that time, through dialogues and monologues. Finalist at the “Quasimodo international prize 2018”, he was second ranked. Football teacher and CONI shooting player, from 2018 he becames applied mathematical sciences professor at high school in Turin (IT).

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